Management Experience, Portfolio

Project Management


I joined SGI’s four-person Marketing Department right out of college. On my fifth day, our creative director left and I was given the responsibility of stepping up into his position.

I became in charge of managing all marketing content. This included the website, rebranding new assets, designing event booths, updating or creating new case studies, data sheets, and technical white papers in over five languages for both our domestic and international offices.

I worked closely (and sometimes remotely) with each department at all levels to negotiate deliverables so deadlines were met. Working with product managers so sales teams had appropriate content for events and customer meetings was a top priority.

I often supported C-level executives. Whether it was creating presentations for them under tight deadlines,researching competitors, providing marketing updates, preparing them for video interviews or directing photo shoots.


I joined Catholic Charities’ Refugee Resettlement Department as an intern while still attending college. Helping people transition to a new culture and country, just like I did when I lived in Italy, seemed like the perfect way to pay it forward.

I was given free rein, limited guidance and a $5,000 budget to develop (and then implement) a plan that would improve Muslim relations in the Santa Clara County. The One Nation printed pocket guide is an educational tool. It has been distributed to over 40 private and public agencies in addition to private individuals.